St. Paul, MN Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Laver Law Office in the Twin Cities area is an experienced bankruptcy lawyer looking to help eliminate your debt. Let Mr. Laver help you get a fresh start. He devotes personal attention to each and every client to meet their case needs. He stresses a personal touch and patiently explains legal details to put clients more at ease.

The experienced bankruptcy attorneys at our firm understand Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves a debt liquidation process of consumer debt. This can significantly reduce or eliminate your debt, stop those annoying phone calls, and even save your home or vehicle.

Our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Services Include:

  • Stop wage garnishment
  • Stop judgments
  • Delay foreclosures
  • Eliminate tax liabilities
  • Prevent vehicle repossessions

Our number one goal is to help residents in our area get the debt relief they need. Take the first step and call today for a fresh start. We even offer evening and weekend appointments for your convenience.

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St. Paul, MN Stop Wage Garnishments

Laver Law Office helps stop wage garnishments in the St. Paul, MN region. Mr. Laver understands how stressful debt can be. One of the best ways to stop wage garnishments, or a forced payment of debts, is to file for bankruptcy.

The first steps you must take to stop wage garnishments are:

  • Negotiate a pay-out deal with creditor
  • Stop borrowing money right away
  • Seek the professional help of a bankruptcy attorney
  • Evaluate all debt sources to determine what is at risk for wage garnishments

Wage garnishments are invasive and can cause even further debt since they can remove funds directly from each paycheck. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the quickest way to stop the harassing phone calls.

Contact Laver Law Office at 651-653-1616 to stop wage garnishments today.

St. Paul, MN Stop Judgments

Laver Law Office can help stop judgments and wage garnishments in the St. Paul, MN area. If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy it could help put an end to the judgments and wage garnishments. Our years of experience, will help efficiently solve your debt problems. We care about our clients and want to take some of the stress out of financial problems.

Mr. Laver offers personal attention and keeps you informed every step of the way. We offer a low fee on a sliding scale and do not tack on hidden fees after the case is settled.

Contact Laver Law Office at 651-653-1616 to stop judgments today.

St. Paul, MN Delay Foreclosures

The bankruptcy attorneys at Laver Law Office can help clients delay foreclosures in the St. Paul, MN area. With the economy on the down-turn, foreclosures are at an all time high. With our help we can even save your home and other property. Contacting an attorney is the best move you can make when faced with growing debt.

Unfortunately, some banks tell you they will work with you to solve your debt, while secretly starting the foreclosure process on the side. Mr. Laver knows the law and can help you delay foreclosure to get you on your feet.

Contact Laver Law Office at 651-653-1616 to delay foreclosures before they happen.

St. Paul, MN Eliminate Tax Liabilities

Laver Law Office helps clients eliminate tax liabilities in the St. Paul, MN area. Our bankruptcy attorneys can help you get back on your feet. Filing for chapter 7, you can reduce your credit card and medical bill debt. The only things that cannot be eliminated are penalties from tax debt, debt from unfiled returns, and trust fund taxes.

Mr. Laver knows exactly how to handle your case to get you the best results. Set up a free consultation today and start your road to recovery.

Contact Laver Law Office at 651-653-1616 to eliminate tax liabilities today.

St. Paul, MN Prevent Vehicle Repossessions

Laver Law Office provides expert bankruptcy law services to the St. Paul, MN area. Our firm can help protect your assets and possessions. Chapter 7 is a possible option to solve your debt; you just need to reaffirm the car loan. To do this you must file a reaffirmation agreement, which is a contract between the debtor and the loan creditor.

Let the bankruptcy attorneys at Laver Law help you protect your possessions. He understands that this is a difficult time in your life and wants to be able to solve your financial problems in a way that you can understand.

Our goal is to help Twin Cities residents get the debt relief they need without worrying about hidden fees.

Contact Laver Law Office at 651-653-1616 to prevent vehicle repossessions today.